About Mammy's

Mammy's Choice was a dream my sister Debbie and I had some 16 years ago, though we still wonder how we ever came by the name.  In November 1999 we were offered the opportunity of opening a shop in the semi-rural suburb of Chidlow, located in the Perth Hills and we jumped at the chance.  On the 15th of January, 2000 Mammy's Choice opened it doors in what was once the general store of Chidlow some 100 years earlier.

Eventually, Debbie bought the Chidlow premises, however, we outgrew the property and moved to the central hub of Perth Hills - the beautiful district of Mundaring, where once again we moved into a delightful historical building alongside Sticky Fingers Lollyshop and A Patch of Country Tea Shoppe.  We later opened a second shop in the historial district of Guildford.

As times passes and ones family grows, my husband Wayne and I decided it was time to put into action the dream we always talked about, before our two girls got much older and move to the south-west of Western Australia - our tree change, to raise our girls in the country and my longing to come back to my roots.

It was hard to leave our beautiful friends and family, and to close the doors on Mammy's - I couldn't sell her as secretly I  hoped that maybe one day I would re-open her doors again, when the time and place was right;  so, Mammy's stayed on as an on-line store and to be honest with you, between the move down, settling our two girls in and going back to University, Mammy's alas... became a wee bit neglected.  With the encouragement of a dear friend Peta and the subtle hints of another dear friend Sue H. (well as subtle as Suzi girl can be) I am excited to finally get Mammy's Choice back up and running on-line.  Whoever knows, that right shop may not be too far away. Oh and Debbie, well she went on to Market Research and has been there ever since - though I know she would dearly love to be down here, family ties have kept her in Perth (and believe me, she visits enough LOL!!)

Thank you for taking the time to read 'about us'.  I hope that within the pages of this website you find something  you like. Remember we offer laybys and we are quite happy to extend the times if need be.  At Mammy's, customer service and your satisfaction is important to us, hoping that you find  your time with us friendly, uplifting and touched with that good old fashioned country experience.

With Country Blessings, God Bless - Vicki

PS.  Feel free to contact us anytime.