Golly's & Mammy's
Welcome Mammy Heart
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#125 Welcome Mammy Heart

Made from MDF and measuring 14cm x 14cm (not including wire hanger).

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Mammy's Mammy
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#19 Mammy's Mammy

Who could not love Mammy's, there is just something warm, homely and loving about them.  Our Mammy's Mammy comes in two different sizes, Large measuring 37cms and Small measuring 24cms.  Dressed in Tan Homespun fabric and holding a rusty tin pale.

Gus and Grace Golly
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#70 Gus and Grace Golly

Dressed to impress, Gus and Grace measure 48cm in length.  Can be bought individually or as a pair.

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#71 Floss

Floss measures 51cm in length.  Dressed in green with a calico pinafore and a heart of whichis what Floss is all about, however, she is a little confused if she really is a Golly or a Mammy at heart - what do you think?

Dress can be made in other colours if need desired - please just make notation at end of order.

Mini Wooden Mammy
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#73 Mini Wooden Mammy

Mini Wooden Mammy (made from MDF) stands at 8cm tall. Available in three colours, Blue, Burgundy and Green with all having a red gingham apron and nail-tacks for hair.

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Golly Duo
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#74 Golly Duo

Golly Duo are made from MDF and stand approximately 13.5cm tall.  Available in three colours of Blue, Burgundy and Green.  Black wire for hair, they are just adorable.

*Please note - only burgundy available now*

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