Snowman Patty Tin
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Snowman Patty Tin

Hand painted Snowmen Patty Tin... oh the faces of a snowman.... brrrrr

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Make a Wish Snowman
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#103 Make a Wish Snowman

Make a Wish Snowman stands 34cm high.  Standing on Pipberries, cloves for buttons and holding a rusty star and sign that says "Wish Upon a Star..." he reallyis just to gorgeous.

Design by Country Friends

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Buttons the Snowman
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#50 Buttons the Snowman

Buttons is made of wood and stands 15cm high.  

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Stick Arms Snowman
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#91 Stick Arms Snowman

Measuring 34cm High, made from stained calico, with rusty bell buttons and a stitched face.

Design by Kindred Spirit Primitives

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Skinny Snowman
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#95 Skinny Snowman

Skinny Snowman measures 32cm in height and decorated in three different styles.

A: Rusty Snow and Berries  -   B: Christmas Wreath  -   C: Apples and Bucket

Design by: The Old Glory Company